The Self-Directed IRA Workbook

MyRA – A Wealth Generating Tool for the Masses?

During the state of the union address on Tuesday night, President Obama unveiled a new affordable retirement account, ‘MyRA’ aimed at helping more Americans build a nest egg.  According to the President, MyRAs would “guarantee a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in”. This noble initiative is in response to the […]

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The Self-Directed IRA Workbook

MyRA – A Wealth Generating Tool for the Masses?

During the state of the union address on Tuesday night, President Obama unveiled a new affordable retirement account, ‘MyRA’ aimed at helping more Americans build a nest egg.  According to the President, MyRAs would “guarantee a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in”. This noble initiative is in response to the […]


The Self-Directed IRA Workbook

MyRA – A Wealth Generating Tool for the Masses?

During the state of the union address on Tuesday night, President Obama unveiled a new affordable retirement account, ‘MyRA’ aimed at helping more Americans build a nest egg.  According to the President, MyRAs would “guarantee a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in”. This noble initiative is in response to the […]

Research Report: JOBS Act Title II -The First 120 Days in Review

It’s been more than 120 days since the SEC implemented Title II of the JOBS Act and lifted its longtime ban on general solicitation. This ruling inspired the emergence of a new asset class, PIPRs (“Private Issuers Publicly Raising”), allowing private issuers the ability to advertise their offerings to the general public under the Reg […]

2014 Predictions that will Solidify Crowdfinance’s Place in Wall Street History

By Dara Albright Tis the season when I sit beside the festivus pole, reflect upon another year passed, dust off my crystal ball and prognosticate the future of crowdfinance. 2013 will be remembered as a pivotal year for the crowdfinance industry. Significant achievements helped lay the necessary foundation for crowdfinance to receive wide mainstream recognition […]

Live Broadcast now available for sold-out Crowdfinance 2013

Crowdnetic’s NowStreet Wire Announces Live Broadcast of Crowdfinance 2013 Due to strong demand, NowStreet Wire will be providing a live broadcast of its sold-out crowdfinance event. We are astounded by the amount of interest Crowdfinance 2013 continues to generate and are pleased to be able to open the program to virtual participants across the globe. […]

Resale Options for Crowdfinance Offerings

Secondary Markets for Crowdfinanced Offerings

By Dara Albright Following the SEC’s 568 pages of proposed rules for Title III Crowdfunding, Crowdnetic’s NowStreet Wire released a comparison chart highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of selected crowdfinance offerings including PIPRs (“Private Issuers Publicly Raising”), proposed Title III Crowdfunding, Intrastate Crowdfunding and Registered Crowdfunding (see: In addition to rousing a great deal […]


NowStreet Wire Unveils Agenda for Crowdfinance 2013

Join us for Wall Street’s inaugural Crowdfinance conference where financial veterans and industry leaders will demonstrate how global equity and debt markets are being redefined through p2p lending and equities crowdfunding. It’s truly an honor to bring another ground breaking event to Wall Street. New York, NY (PRWEB) November 26, 2013 NowStreet Wire, acclaimed producer […]

Dropbox infograph

Dropbox: One More Example of Unjust Market Structure

By Dara Albright Rumor has it that Dropbox, another one of America’s fastest growing companies, is raising its next round of financing, and once again the investing public is not invited to the party. Dropbox is expected to privately raise $250M at an anticipated $8B valuation, or approximately 68 times 2012 revenues. This begs the […]

SE Asia CF Chart

The Growth of Crowdfunding in Southeast Asia

Guest Post By Once upon a time small startups relied almost exclusively on bootstrapping, friends and family, or perhaps a handful of angel investors, for startup capital. The recent buzzword however in small-scale fundraising, is Crowdfunding. In the North Americas, the Crowdfunding trend has gone mainstream. With the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act […]

Crowdfunding and Real Estate Diversification

Guest Post By Jilliene Helman, Founder and CEO of The crowdfunding trend has made some investment opportunities available to investors through their laptop or tablet computer, often with smaller individual investment amounts than ever before.   Real estate crowdfunding offers opportunities that can offer current cash flow as well as appreciation potential.  But some sites […]

Twitter Capitalization

Twitter Capitalization – Where the Wealth was Generated

By Dara Albright In a formulated stark contrast to Facebook’s IPO debacle, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) made its public market debut yesterday with underpriced shares. Priced at $26 per share, Twitter opened at $45.10 and closed the day at $44.90 giving Goldman Sachs’ most cherished institutional clients an instant 73% return. Mind you that this is […]

Comparative analysis infograph

Comparative Analysis of Crowdfinance Offerings

By Dara Albright The long awaited Title III Crowdfunding Rules were finally proposed last week by the SEC. Although the 568 page document seems like a mere footnote in comparison to the Obamacare bill, it’s still a lot to digest considering most attention spans these days lack the capability of reading a complete tweet. In […]

Crowdfinance and the Doofenshmirtz Economic Theory

By Dara Albright It took Europe’s economic collapse coupled with the rampant political manipulation of the U.S. monetary system for me to realize that everything I was ever taught about socio-economic theory had been dead wrong. I feel shortchanged by my professors, economic journalists and yes, even, Hollywood who perpetually instill this false notion that […]

Retirement Funds Chasing Crowdfinance

By James A. Jones In many ways, it is the “perfect storm” in this new era of investment options. Crowd funding is going main stream. According to McKinsey and Co’s “Mainstreaming Alternatives”, alternative investments have gone mainstream, and is believed to make up an average 27% of institutional portfolios by the end of 2013. And now, […]

Google’s Investment into Crowdfinance – A Defining Moment for the Financial Markets

By Dara Albright Since 2006, P2P & online lending have enjoyed explosive growth. Lending Club and Prosper, America’s two largest P2P lenders have now surpassed $2B in loan origination, and P2P has captured the attention of industry legends, the financial media, the investing public and even today’s technology giants. Lending Club’s board is comprised of […]

Capitalizing on Financial Innovation – Part II: Accessing Small Business Growth Capital Right Now

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Hey, bootstrapped entrepreneurs and struggling small businesses, what’s all this lying around sh*t? So what if the banks aren’t lending? Who cares if the public markets continue to exclude you? Boo hoo that the SEC is dragging its feet on implementing key components of the JOBS Act such as crowdfund investing? Are […]

March 27 speakers

Capitalizing on Financial Innovation – Part I: Preparing for the Crowdfunding Revolution

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Since the passage of the overwhelmingly bipartisan Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the “JOBS Act”) on April 5, 2012, the curiosity of a revolutionary small business financing mechanism called, Crowdfunding (also referred to as Title III of the JOBS Act, “Crowdfund Investing” or “CrowdInvesting”), has intensified. For those out-of-the-know, “Crowdfunding” is a […]

The Great Wall Street Slumber Party

Thursday, January 3, 2013 Dear Readers, Thanks to all of you entrepreneurs, visionaries, financiers, bankers, legislators, tax, legal and regulatory experts who came together this past year to institute colossal Wall Street reform. When historians look back on the 2012, it will be recognized as the year that not only laid the foundation for the […]

women voting 5

Today’s America – Nothing Ventured, Everything Gained – at Least for Some

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Dear Fellow Americans, I am writing this letter not only as an unrelenting advocate for Wall Street reform, but more poignantly as a concerned citizen and a devoted mother of two young children. Like me, my parents before me and my grandparents before them, I want to see my children grow up […]


Summation of the SEC’s Uneventful Meeting on the Elimination of the General Solicitation and Advertising Ban

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Don’t stop the press. Really, don’t. The SEC’s previously postponed meeting to implement the overdue rule eliminating the prohibition against general solicitation and general advertising finally occurred yesterday, resulting in yet another delay tactic – “the rule proposal”. By the time this rule is finalized it will be so far into the […]

knight in shining armor

Good Knight Public Markets

BY DARA ALBRIGHT With all of the recent financial scandals and trading losses, the last thing Wall Street needed was another humiliation, but those black eyes just keep on coming for public trading markets.  Last week, Knight Capital, known for its electronic execution and high-frequency trading algorithms, suffered massive losses when a software glitch sent […]

Crowdfund This! – My Interview with Capitalist Exploits

Below is an excerpt of an interview that I recently gave to Mark Wallace of Capitalist Exploits, a community of globe-trotting capitalists who seek unique and profitable investment opportunities in exotic and frontier markets, typically in the private equity space. For a fresh perspective on how the JOBS Act, specifically Crowdfunding, will play an integral […]


Recap of CFIRA’s Historic “Development of Crowdfunding Regulations Symposium”

BY DARA ALBRIGHT On Friday July 13, 2012, CFIRA, the leading regulatory advocacy group for the crowdfunding industry, hosted its first public forum wherein the nation’s key lawmakers, regulators, crowdfunding enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and investors all came together to discuss the rules that will eventually govern Crowdfund investing under the JOBS Act. Exemplifying the same collaborative […]

Illustration of how Facebook Epitomizes Financial Markets' Injustice

How Facebook’s IPO Exemplifies the Injustice in the Financial Markets

BY DARA ALBRIGHT I am dismayed by the number of pundits, legislators and organizations, claiming to be “small investor advocates”, who misrepresent the JOBS Act as another piece of legislation favoring the Wall Street establishment. The truth is the JOBS Act invites competition from both smaller financial service firms and investors which will in turn […]

“Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” – Lessons Learned from Facebook’s IPO

BY DARA ALBRIGHT What “coulda” ignited a desperately needed thriving IPO market, Facebook’s IPO is going down in the history books as a cluster of mishaps complete with a series of investigations and lawsuits looming in the distance. In case there was even a shred of doubt left, the Facebook IPO validates just how dysfunctional […]

Our Stock Markets Are Transforming

The Wrong Day to Quit Sniffing Glue or Make Your IPO Debut

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Some call it a cultural phenomenon. Others label it a colossal waste of time. No matter the sentiment, all attention was on Facebook’s IPO entrance on Friday. Well, except for NASDAQ, who was too focused on repairing its malfunctioning technology, oh, and the European Union, who was busy worrying about its looming […]

Is The New York Times Trying to Socialize Wall Street?

BY DARA ALBRIGHT The New York Times came out with an article yesterday that caused me to seriously question the publication’s true allegiance. The piece, written by Andrew Ross Sorkin and titled, “JOBS Act Jeopardizes Safety Net For Investors”, uses Groupon’s current woes as an excuse to denounce the overwhelmingly bipartisan jobs bill just days […]

The JOBS Act – It’s not Just a Bill, It is Our Children’s Future

BY DARA ALBRIGHT “We The People” applaud our Senate for overcoming partisanship and passing a bill that will help get our economy moving again. The JOBS Act which had passed the House by an overwhelming bipartisan majority a few weeks ago passed the Senate yesterday by a vote of 73-26, albeit with a number of […]

Cousin Cara and Facebook’s IPO

BY DARA ALBRIGHT Since Facebook’s long anticipated S1 was filed on February 1st, pundits have been coming out in droves weighing in on everything from Facebook’s revenue growth to the number of hooded sweatshirts hanging in Zuckerberg’s closet. I haven’t heard this many opinions being expressed since my daughter learned how to speak. I’ve read […]

Where is Facebook’s Audacious S1?

BY DARA ALBRIGHT It is official – Facebook’s S1 has been filed. This might just be the first prospectus I’ll find riveting enough to read cover to cover. Now that the suspense has subsided, I must admit, I am somewhat disappointed.  Not because of the company’s financials. The numbers were in line with expectations. Not […]


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